Assignment : Mathematical study for estimation of effect of Proposed Ratle HEP (4 x 205 MW + 30 MW) on the flow pattern downstream below the last plant for consideration of MoWR (Indus Wing)

Year: 2012
Location: Chenab River, Jammu and Kashmir
Client: GVK Ratle HEP Pvt. Ltd.
Main project features : Hydrological impact evaluation of proposed Ratle HEP on the downstream hydropower projects of the Jhelum River as per the Indus Water Treaty.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. R. K. Rai, Hydrologist
Activities performed: Hydrodynamic modeling, design flood estimation and estimation of flood propagation downstream of the Ratle HEP, study of reservoir operation of Ratle on the downstream power development during the peaking operation of Ratle, etc.

Assignment : Preparation of DPR for the development of water body and improving drainage system at Lamphelpat, Manipur, India -Govt. of Manipur

Year: 2012- 2013
Location: Imphal, Manipur
Client: Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Govt. of Manipur
Main project features : The objective of the consultancy is to develop a Detailed Project report (DPR) with an implementable plan for flood mitigation in the Lamphelpat area, the scope of works included in the study “Development of Water body and Improving Drainage System at Lamphelpat”.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : : Dr. R. K. Rai, Hydrologist & Project Manager; Dr. Alka Upadhyay, Environment Expert (with DHI)
Activities performed: Hydrological investigations, planning and design of a storm drainage system, including detention/retention pond for safe disposal of excess water as per the downstream conveyance capacity and use the water for domestic water supply; water quality monitoring; biodiversity survey; and management.

Assignment : Consultancy Services for Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Rehabilitation & Resettlement study on Development of Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Phase 2) Between Vadodara and JNPT and Between Rewari and Dadri.

Year: 2010-2012
Location: Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra
Client: JICA, SurveyTeam (DFCCIL project)
Main project features : Environmental and social impact assessment and rehabilitation and resettlement plan for 14 affected districts with 374 villages at a length of 550 km coming in 5 states. Environmental and social management plan for western corridor (DFC)
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. Alka Upadhyay, Project Manager and Environment Specialist; Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, Social Expert (with DHI)
Activities performed: Environment baseline, biodiversity and environmental status along the Dedicated Freight Corridor alignment, water quality and bottom sediment analysis of 15 rivers across the alignment. Soil contamination study for the alignment area and identification of disaster prone area, Environment Management Plan, Social impact Assessment and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Plan.

Assignment : Hydrological Prefeasibility Study for Bunder Diamond Mining Project.

Year: 2011-12
Location: Part of Betwa basin, Madhya Pradesh, India
Client: M. N. Dustur & Company (P) Ltd
Main project features : The Project envisages creating a storage capacity to meet out the water demand for the mining and other activities; and study the feasibility of river diversion to protect the mining lease area.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. R. K. Rai, Hydrologist & Team Leader (with DHI)
Activities performed:
• Hydrological modeling: rainfall-runoff and sediment modeling of the catchment
• Water availability study
• Surplus and deficit analysis: water availability and water demand estimation including the environmental flow
• River diversion study: flood estimation, design of small dam, flood routing, etc.
• Stormwater drainage modelling and design
• Design of diversion structures
• Storage analysis: Scope of surface water storages in the catchment, water budgeting, etc.
• Drought investigation: study of water availability under severe meteorological drought condition and developing a management strategy
• Primary data collection: river flow and water quality

Assignment : Hydrometeorological feedbacks and changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India

Year: 2011-2013
Location: Indo-Gangatic Plains, India
Client: European Union for Consortium of IIT Roorkee & Kanpur and IISc Bangalore
Main project features : Investigation of climate change through hydro-meteorological feedbacks and their impacts on water storage and fluxes.
Activities performed: Key activities included:
• Collection and compilation of Hydro-meteorological data, land use data, socio-economic water uses, cropping pattern change and water requirements;
• Analysis of the data for investigating the climatic changes through parametric and non-parametric tests;
• Development of water balance model to investigate the changes in water storages; etc.

Assignment : Sustainable Flow Scoping Study: Issues of ecological and Social Concern regarding Flows in Godavari

Year: 2010
Location: Shibna River Catchment of Godavari basin, Maharashtra, India
Client: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF
Main project features : This study is one of the first steps in an Environmental (“sustainable”) Flows Advocacy Strategy and aims to “set the hydrological scene” by providing a descriptive analysis of the stream characteristics including the entire possible in-stream uses.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. R. K Rai, Hydrologist and Team Leader
Activities performed: Key activities included:
Responsible for hydrologic modelling to investigate the impact of better agricultural management practices (such as plantation method, irrigation methods, fertilizer application, pesticide management, organic fertilizer application, etc.) on hydrology

Assignment : Ghaghra-Gomti Basin Socio-Economic & Environmental Assessment

Year: 2007-2008
Location: Uttar Pradesh
Client: Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project, UPID, funded by World Bank
Main project features : : To carry out the Environmental, hydrological & Socio- Economic assessment of Ghaghra-Gomti Basin.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. R. K. Rai, Hydrologist; Dr. Alka Upadhyay, Environment Expert (with SWaRA, UPID, Lucknow)
Activities performed: Key activities included:
Responsible to carry out the water balance study for Ghaghra and Gomti River basin, tributaries of River Ganges. Responsibilities include environmental impact assessment of canal projects, desilting of canal system, water resources management, implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach to the basin.
• Preparation of Environmental Management Plan of Ghaghra-Gomti Basin
• Water quality testing & analysis, and its impact assessment
• Natural resources conservation & Management: Biodiversity analysis, wetland conservation
• Canal Silt Disposal Plan & Management using GIS and Remote Sensing
• River basin studies: Ecology and its interrelationship with basin’s Hydrological behaviour
• Statistical Analysis & Modelling: Primary and secondary data analysis and management, statistical analysis
• Report writing, presentation, project preparation, policy making etc.
• Guidance to Environmental aspects of two major consultancies viz., SMEC Australia, and International Resources Group (IRG, USA)

Assignment : Decision Support System (DSS) for Integrated Water Resources Management for Ghaghra-Gomti River Basin

Year: 2007-2008
Location: Uttar Pradesh
Client: Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project, UPID, funded by World Bank
Main project features : : The study aims to optimal allocation, utilization of water resources for the Ghaghra-Gomti basin.
Position with WEES Engrg. Solutions : Dr. R. K Rai, Hydrologist; Dr. Alka Upadhyay, Environment Expert (with SWaRA, UPID, Lucknow)
Activities performed: The focus of the study was agricultural irrigation and therefore, conjunctive use of water resources for agricultural enhancement was the key feature. To achieve this, a DSS had been developed that accounted for agricultural water demand with various cropping practices and how this demand could be met under unusual climatic conditions. The DSS also includes the water demand /supply/ source for different water sectors. The hydrological modelling adapted for the DSS was (i) SCS-CN technique for runoff volume estimation; (ii) non-linear Muskingum equation for runoff routing; (iii) empirical relations for water demand estimation for industries, municipal, domestic supply etc.; (iv) Modified Penman method for potential crop water requirement; (v) water balancing for ground water recharge; and (vi) MODFLOW for ground water flow. All the data required for the study were converted into GIS format. The DSS was supported with the ArcGIS to see the spatial output.