Key Persons

Dr. VijayProfessor Vijay P. Singh is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. Professor Singh is a renowned academician and distinguished professional engineer of Hydrology and Water Engineering with more than 40 years of experience.

He is also affiliated with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering & Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A and M University, College Station, Texas, USA. Prof. Singh is a distinguished professor, and Caroline and William N. Lehrer Distinguished Chair in Water Engineering. Besides academic activities, Prof. Singh has been involved as an advisor of various technical committees of national and international fora.

He has authored more than a thousand of peer reviewed technical papers. He is the author and editor of 90 books published by international publishers. A few books, Elementary Hydrology, Kinematic Wave Theory in Water Resources and Environment, Entropy Theory, etc. in Water Resources authored by him has received extensive popularity in the water world. Besides, he is President FARA; Editor-in-Chief of Water Science and Technology Library Bookseries, Journal of Ground Water Research, Open Agriculture, and many more.

 Alka UpadhayDr. Alka is the Managing Director and Chief Environment Specialist of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She is a graduate scientist of environment and ecology, and doctorate in aquatic ecology from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India. She has served government and non-government organization in different roles including DHI (India) Water & Environment Pvt Ltd as Head of Environment Department. She has 18 years of working experience in the field Environmental impact and management of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity, environmental and socio-economic impact assessment of water resource projects,  water quality assessment and modelling, environmental flow, biodiversity analysis; integrated water resources management, decision support system for water quality and project management.

She has been involved in various national and international consultancy projects of varying scopes funded by Central and State Governments, European Union, World Bank, JICA, and Asian Development Bank. She was also involved as Environment Specialist for international and national Arbitrations cases, for example KHEP between India and Pakistan, and Goa and Karnataka States in India. Dr. Alka has authored more than 30 technical papers published in various peer reviewed journals and conferences. She is also author / co-author of five books in the field of ecology and water resources management.

The projects of her involvement as a key expert and Team Leader or Project Manager are:

  • Assessment of the sustainability of Goa Waterways (Arbitration between Goa and Karnataka)
  • Water Availability, Reservoir Sedimentation, River Morphology and Environmental Studies for Kishenganga HE Project (J&K), India
  • Additional Environmental Study of Kishenganga HEP with reference to the Court of Arbitration between India and Pakistan
  • Technical Assistance for the EU-India Action Plan Support Facility Programme (APSF): Environment Component, (for National River Conservation Directorate, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India)
  • Benchmarking and Water Auditing of 20 Irrigation projects under Water Resource Zone, Udaipur
  • Conception and Installation of Bagmati River Basin Decision Support System, Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System, Water Quality Monitoring System and Preparation of Bagmati River Basin Integrated Master Plan (BRBIP)
  • Study on “Source of water and its sustainability including in lean season along with details of ecological impacts arising out of withdrawal of water taking into account inter-state share and competing sources downstream of the proposed project
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management plan (ICZMP) for Gulf of Kachchh, World Bank funded project
  • Integrated Water Resources Management & Water Quality Modelling of Yamuna River Basin” under Yamuna Action Plan-Phase II, JBIC funded project
  • UP Water Sector Restructuring Project (UPWSRP) World Bank funded project
  • Preparation of DPR for the development of water body and improving drainage system at Lamphelpat, Manipur, India - of Manipur
  • Eco-restoration of Panamarathupatty Lake in Salem District
  • Consultancy Services for Preparation of DPR for Development of Water Bodies in Ramanathapuram (World Bank Funded)
  • Saph Pani: Natural water systems and treatment technologies to cope with water shortages in urbanized areas in India
  • Commissioning Detailed Project Report For Upgradation Of Existing Ship Recycling Yards At Alang Sosia For Undertaking Safe & Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling operations
  • EIA for Offshore Breakwater at Paradip Port
  • Hydro-meteorological feedbacks and climate changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India
  • Consultancy Services for Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Rehabilitation & Resettlement study on Development of Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Phase 2) Between Vadodara and JNPT and Between Rewari and Dadri
  • Integrated Coastal Zonal Management, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Biofiltration of wastewater
  • Institutional Reforms for Alternative Ecological Sensitive People Friendly Development Interventions in Rajasthan (Ford Foundation funded)
  • Tertiary treatment of wastewater using aquatic plants

Raveendra KumarDr. Rai is Technical Director for Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is an engineering graduate and received a doctoral degree in hydrology from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, formerly known as University of Roorkee, a premier institute in water engineering in India, and has more than 16 years of experience in the field of Hydrological Science, Applied Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering. He has served government and Multi-national Company dealing with water resources including DHI (India) Water & Environment Pvt Ltd as Chief Engineer and Head of Water Resources Department. His key specialty areas are: Hydrological & Hydraulic Modelling; Sediment Modelling and Management Planning, Development of Rainfall-Runoff-Erosion Models for small and mid-sized catchments; Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management; Catchment Planning, Diversion Studies; Stormwater Drainage Design and Modelling;  Irrigation and Hydropower Planning; and Planning and Evaluation of Irrigation Project.

He has been involved in various national and international consultancy projects funded by Central and State Governments, European Union, World Bank, JICA, Asian Development Bank, etc. He has been a Team Leader for many projects including Benchmarking and Water Auditing of 20 Major and Medium Irrigation Projects of Water Resources, Udaipur Zone; Reservoir Sedimentation Studies, and hydrological studies. He was also involved as a hydrologist for Kishenganga Hydroelectric Project (KHEP) Arbitration. He has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed technical papers, four books in the field of hydrology and water resources engineering.

The projects of his involvement as a key expert and Team Leader or Project Manager are:

  • Benchmarking and Water Auditing of 20 nos. Irrigation Projects of Water Resources Zone, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Operation and Maintenance of RTDSS for Operational Management of Reservoirs of BBMB
  • Mathematical Model Studies for Silt Management for 390 MW Kirthai-I HEP in District Kishtwar, Jammu & Kashmir State
  • Numerical Hydraulic Model Studies for Reservoir Sediment Distribution of Kiru HEP in Kishtwar District, Jammu & Kashmir
  • Revision of Amochhu Flood Management and Land Reclamation Project Study-2007
  • Hydrometeorological feedbacks and changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India
  • Hydrological Prefeasibility Study for Bunder Diamond Mining Project
  • Water Availability, Reservoir Sedimentation, River Morphology and Environmental Studies for Kishenganga Hydro Electric Project (KHEP) (J & K), India
  • Additional Environmental Study of Kishenganga HEP with reference to the Court of Arbitration between India and Pakistan
  • Mathematical study for estimation of effect of Proposed Ratle HEP (4 x 205 MW + 30 MW) on the flow pattern downstream below the last plant for consideration of MoWR (Indus Wing)
  • Preparing the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project
  • Adequacy of Water Availability Study for 2x60 Cusec from Yamuna River for Himavat Thermal Power Project (HPPL) at Tehsil Bhognipur, Distt. Ramabai Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
  • Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Quality Modeling for River Yamuna (JBIC Assisted)
  • Sustainable Flow Scoping Study: Issues of ecological and Social Concern regarding Flows in Godavari.
  • Ghaghra-Gomti Basin Socio-Economic & Environmental Assessment
  • Decision Support System (DSS) for Integrated Water Resources Management for Ghaghra-Gomti River Basin
  • Toorsa River Land Reclamation & Flood mitigation
  • Preparation of DPR for the development of water body and improving drainage system at Lamphelpat, Manipur, India - of Manipur
  • Development and Deployment of the Nile Basin Decision Support
  • DPR for Eco-restoration of Water body at Salem
  • Consultancy Services For Preparation of DPR for Development of Water Bodies in Ramanathapuram
  • Technical Assistance for the EU-India Action Plan Support Facility Programme (APSF): Environment Component
  • Bhim Rao Ambedkar Irrigation Project for complete irrigation to Hilauli Block of Unnao District and Sataon Block of Rae Bareily District from Maurawan Distributary
  • Study of hydro-meteorological variables in climate change perspective for Uttarakhand
  • Development of Rainfall-Runoff-Erosion Model for Small Watersheds.
  • Rainfall-Runoff Modeling for North-Western Himalayan Watersheds.

RP Kapoor Mr. Kapoor is Technical Advisor of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for Environmental Impact Studies and Biodiversity Resource Assessment. He has served Government of India as an IFS officer for more than 35 years, and holds the post of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Rajasthan before his retirement. While working in various positions in the State of Rajasthan and Government of India (in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change,  and  Planning Commission), he has gained valuable experience in sustainable forestry development, management and biodiversity conservation projects including forestry planning, micro-planning, joint forest management, project formulation, monitoring and evaluation.

As a project head of two major Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) assisted projects, namely, Forestry Development Project and Rajasthan Forestry and Biodiversity Projects initiated a number of innovative measures for conservation of biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystem management, ecotourism, capacity building and institutionalization of participatory management.

He was involved for institutionalized Geographic Information System for modernising forestry and wildlife management practices. He has established Hi-tech Nurseries for improving quality of planting stock and enhancing productivity of plantations. Harmonized traditional knowledge and indigenous social, cultural and religious practices to involve local communities for securing sustainability of the project activities. Because of these initiatives Forestry Development Project was given ‘A’ grade rating by JBIC sponsored Tokyo based Japanese independent Evaluating Agency.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India nominated Mr Kapoor as a Resource Person for various training programmes conducted by Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehra Dun for senior level IFS officers  for project management, human resource development and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, micro-planning, participatory evaluation JFM and gender issues in forestry. He has handled International Cooperation in the Government of India and dealt with externally aided multilateral and bilateral forestry projects funded by the World Bank, FAO, UNDP, JBIC, British ODA, SIDA, CIDA and FRG as Project Economist.

He was involved in preparation of several technical reports in the state and in the Government of India. Initiated preparation of National Forestry Action Programme and headed the team of officers for preparation of Rajasthan Forestry Action Programmes – a 20 years perspective plan, prepared Empowered Committee Report on Sariska and Ranthambhore Project Tiger Reserves and Keoladev National Parks for conservation, protection and sustainable management of Wildlife in the world famous protected areas of Rajasthan. He has carried out Concurrent Evaluation of FDA projects in H.P. and study on Combating Desertification for Regional Center NAEB, of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF CC), Government of India.

AK BhargavMr. Bhargav is Technical Advisor - Water Resources Designs of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has more than 40 years of experience for irrigation & planning and water resources designs. He has worked with the Water resources Department Rajasthan and later on extensively worked for consulting irrigation and water resources projects. Key expertise includes:

  • Survey, investigation, planning of dam, canal and distributary system, drainage system Including    structures, cross drainage works, cross regulators, bridges/culverts, measuring devices,
  • Drainage schemes and other related structures. The work also includes operation, maintenance of Irrigation system including and silt clearance for efficient management and operation of irrigation system as Hydraulic Engineer.
  • Preparation of project reports for minor, medium and major projects including hydrological studies, design discharge by adopting different models /methodologies, yield assessment at different dependabilities.
  • Hydrological studies, rainfall-runoff relationship using different models/approaches (Rainfall-runoff regression analysis & water balance approach) depending upon the size Catchment and its characteristics by adopting empirical formula/appropriate models and   generation of long term yield series.
  • Flood estimation for medium and large catchments at project sites / structure sites at different Levels of frequency by statically analysis i.e. one in 25 yr, 50 yr, 100 yr, and also for SPF and  PMP based on topographical, meteorological and hydrological conditions of the region with the  aid of different modules.
  • Examining and evaluating various reports prepared by National/International consultants and discussion with consultants, World Bank Mission/Other External Funding agencies and review of these studies.
  • Hydraulic and structural design of various types of canal system structures and especially Bridges located on Highways & Railway track by using latest Hydro-meteorological approach.

He has worked for Parwan Irrigation cum drinking water supply project as Consulting Engineer, responsible for conducting geo-technical investigation of dam for arriving at acceptable foundation grade, including water intake test and logging of bore holes in consultation with Executive Director Engineering Geology, GSI, Jaipur. He was actively involved in finalization of hydraulic and structural parameters of dam, design of head sluice / head regulator etc.

He was also involved for the preparation of detailed project report (DPR) of Narmada Canal Project in Rajasthan as Irrigation Engineer, responsible for  execution strategy, work plan, contract management, pricing of water, Technical Specifications of  works of canal -drainage system, Cross drainage works, Bridges,  Culverts Out lets and other related structures including culverts & bridges, preparation of procedures and steps involved in preparation of DPR as per the guide lines of Central Water Commission, Design criteria for preparation of canal system report as per I.S. standards and other codes & C.W.C. guide lines.

Ravindra BhatnagarMr Bhatnagar is Technical Advisor – Irrigation Planning of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has extensive experience for irrigation and hydropower projects mainly with the Water Resources Department Rajasthan from where he retired as Chief Engineer. He was part of planning & construction activities of Command area development (CAD) Works & water courses Construction   in the Gang Canal and Sidhmukh- Nahar Command Areas.  He was associated with the Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana (IGNP) for equitable water distribution in over 12 Lac hectare area. He was Project Head; Administrative & Technical Head of the regulation unit to ensure equitable distribution or allocated water in to the entire main canal (649 km long) and it’s off taking channels including its operation and maintenance.

  • He also worked for liaison with Punjab and Haryana government for ensuring allocated water releases.
  • Regulation of Gang canal and Bhakhra canal (Rajasthan) system for equitable water distribution.
  • Designing of irrigation projects, report preparation for approval from CWC.
  • Design and construction of Mahi-Bajaj Irrigation and Hydel Project.

He has actively participated in planning, quality control and field testing required for development of irrigation infrastructure and facilities. He was also involved as Deputy Team Leader for Benchmarking and Water Auditing of Irrigation Projects in Udaipur Zone of Rajasthan.


VK kasliwal Mr Kasliwal is Technical Advisor – Geotechnical Engineering of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has over 40 years of experience in engineering Geology and geo-techniques of which 32 years in serving Geological Survey of India (GSI). He is Founder & Fellow-Member, Indian Society of Engineering Geology (Indian Affiliate of International Association). He has carried out investigations involving large scale (1:1000) mapping, logging of exploratory boreholes; trenches and pits in all types of geological environments like granitic, volcanic, sedimentary, etc in Himalayan, Aravalli and Coastal areas and in all stages of Project from site-selection, PFR to DPR, Construction to post-Construction Rehabilitation. He has also done Photo-geological and Satellite- Imagery Interpretation for Project evaluation specialization in Earthquake and Seismotectonic studies.

He has also worked as consultant in Geotechnical investigations & Seismic Studies  of Gujarat for the Kalpasar Project, which envisages a 65 km long dam across Gulf of  Khambhat from Bhavnagar in Saurashtra to Bharuch in Gujarat for development of   5880 MW of Tidal Power & a 16,791 Mcum reservoir of fresh water.

He has worked as consultant for Engineering  Geology & Seismic Analyst in Planning and advising on Geological investigations including seismotectonic studies required for preparation  of PFR & DPR for Khab & Luri HE Projects, H.P. and Jakhol-Sankri & Naitwar-Mori  HE Projects, Uttarkashi distt; Uttaranchal of  Satluj Jal Vidyuat Nigam Ltd (SLVNL).

He is active Member, Sectional Sub-Committee (BDC) on Safety in Construction Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS); -ex-officio. He is Member, Standing Committee to Suggest Design Seismic Co-efficient Hydraulic Structures in River Valley Projects, Central Water Commission (CWC);-ex-officio.


PN Kalla Prof. Kalla is Technical Advisor – Rural Technology Transfer of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has track record of dedicated services and sincere contributions for planning and implementation of rural development schemes and Execution of transfer of technology strategies. Prof Kalla was Dean at SK Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner (Rajasthan).

He has coordinated activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s (KVKs) in the arid and semi-arid Rajasthan. He has worked for uplift of rural economy through extension activities. He is part of few international assignments and courses in Ethiopia, Canada, USA, Germany, and Israel.

NP pancholiMr Pancholi, a Senior Irrigation Engineer of the WEES Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has more than 35 years of experience for working as Irrigation engineer for Water Resources Department, Rajasthan. He was involved in the preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the various irrigation and water diversion schemes: (i) Wanjana Irrigation Project, (ii) Ambamata Irrigation Project, (iii) Barapal Irrigation Project, (iv) Do Nadi Irrigation project (Revised DPR), (v) Udaisagar canals under NWMNP, (vi) Kodiyat Flood Moderation Project.

He was also associated with the preparation of concept and feasibility report for survey, investigation, design,  drawing & DPR Project such as (i) Fatehsagar Lake conservation project under NLCP, (ii) Pichola & Swaroopsagar Lake conservation project under NLCP, (iii) Inter basin Water Diversion Project Dewas Stage III & IV, (v) Inter basin water Diversion Project Anas to Jaisamand, Meja & Rajsamand

He supported the water management projects for Irrigation & canal regulation of (i) Jaisamand major Irrigation Project, (ii) Udaisagar Medium Irrigation Project, (iii) Som Kagdar Medium Irrigation Project, (iv) Nand Samand Medium Irrigation, (v) Water Diversion & feeder regulation Nandsamand to Rajsamand, (vi) Water Diversion & feeder regulation Nandsamand to Bharai, Sansera & Mata ji Ka khera, (vii) Flood Management & Regulation of Udaipur city lakes, (viii) Flood Management & Regulation of Nand samand medium irrigation project

Mr Pancholi was responsible for execution & Construction managements for (i) Offices & Residential buildings, (ii) Road and CD works, (iii) Wanjana minor irrigation project, (iv) Barapal minor irrigation project, (v) Do Nadi minor irrigation project, (vi) Madari dam with link tunnel under Dewas Stage II, (vii) Modernization, Improvement, repair & restoration of canal system Jaisamand major irrigation project, (viii) Rehabilitation of dam and canal under special scheme - FRW, JRY, NREP, EAS, & MNREGS (ix) Rehabilitation of dam and canal under JICA & ERMs