About Us

Water, Environment, Energy and Society are interrelated components of our ecosystem. Water is the most important component on the earth, which governs the environment, energy and society. On the earth, limited fresh water is available, and its distribution in space and time is quite uneven. Some parts of the earth have limited to scanty water, and some have sufficient to surplus water. Similarly, some parts of the earth receive rainfall or precipitation throughout the year, whereas other parts receive precipitation for a limited period of time. To create the uniform distribution of water, efforts are being made by commissioning various water resources development projects.

Primarily, water resources projects are intended for four sectoral uses, namely drinking or domestic, irrigation, industrial and hydropower. Any development of water resources in a river basin requires diversion of water or storage, which ultimately changes the overall regime of the basin. Such an alteration leads to change the environmental regime of the landscape as well as the river system.

Energy, which is an integral component for the overall socio-economic development of the nation and the lifestyle of human beings. Energy is also required for the creation of irrigation facilities. Energy itself requires water, whether it is hydropower or thermal or nuclear. Irrigation provides water to crops where and when crop water requirements cannot be met by natural rainfall. Irrigation can assure food security of the nation, which is likely to be under pressure in future due to continuous population growth and urbanization or land use changes. So far, it has been well established that there is causal linkage or relationship between water, environment, energy, and society. That is, water is an integral component of entire ecosystem.

Further, any development related to water, environment, energy and society requires necessary engineering practices and should be based on adequate science, knowledge, and local geophysical conditions, as it involves huge investment and civil works. The engineering design should comply with an optimal and sustainable solution without losing the integrity of the ecosystem as much as possible.

With this vision, the company WEES Engineering Solutions Private Limited is established for sustainable development and solutions. The first letter of the company’s name i.e. WEES, refers to the Water, the Environment, the Energy and the Society; whereas the last two letters, i.e. “Engineering Solutions” are self-explanatory. The company aims to provide viable/feasible and sustainable engineering solutions for the development of Water, Environment, Energy and Society.

Our Mission & Vision

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WEES Engineering Solutions Private Limited, through our experts with high profile national and international experience, provide professional engineering services and consultancy in the field of water resources engineering, including irrigation infrastructure and navigation; environmental safeguarding including lake and wetland conservation, river restoration, river front development; hydropower development including water availability and intake design to ensure water for cooling of thermal and nuclear power plants; societal development including drainage studies and urban flooding, water supply and sanitation, rain water harvesting; etc.

The mission of the company is not only limited to providing engineering solutions but also integrate research, technology transfer and practice in the fields of water, environment, energy and society for sustainability, and capacity building and training.